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Fumigation & Pest Control

Fumigation & Pest Control

We are equipped to handle all types of pest elimination ranging from

• Mice & Rats
• Cockroaches
• Bed Bugs
• Bird Prevention and Bird Control
• Textile Insects
• Store Product Insects
• Insect Identification

Our Service Assessments

We follow the ERD principle (Exclusion– Restriction – Destruction), the philosophy being that prevention is always better than cure. We work in partnership with our clients to help maintain a pest free environment through effective implementation of the ERD process:

1. Exclusion – prevent a pest from entering the premises
2. Restriction – preventing a site becoming hospitable to pests
3. Destruction – eradication or removal of the infestation

Choosing us as your pest control supplier offers you the following key benefits:
• Fully trained and qualified surveyors and technicians
• Demonstration of recognised Health & Safety procedures
• Application of the Exclusion Restriction, Destruction
• Appropriate Public Liability Insurance.
• Detailed, clear and concise reporting & recommendations
• Helping to save you time and money

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